Monday, June 20, 2011

Our new home away from home

A few months ago I talked Casey into getting a membership to East Canyon Resort. I am so glad we did because we have been up there every weekend we didn't have something else planned. It is nice to be able to go up there and relax away from the hustle and bustle of our week day lives.
This weekend was particularly amusing. We were unloading our 4wheelers out of the toy hauler and this guy comes walking over. This guy is about 6 Foot with no hair and has an officers badge on his belt prominently showing. "I guess you know the rules here" Of course we do. "Then you know that you can't unload those in the campground." Well, you are wrong there. We have a toy hauler and it says in the bylaws that we can unload and load in the campground if we have a toy hauler. "You are wrong. I am going to call Carol and have her come over here." Go ahead. Before we bought the membership we asked alot of questions and this was one of them. "Well there's a new sheriff in town." (Honest he said this) Casey said, "Let me guess you are it." "Yup, and there have been a lot of illegal activity going on around here and I am going to be patrolling this area." Well, you and your badge don't scare me. Security came over at this point and told us that we did nothing wrong. Also, that this guy was not hired as new security and that he was just another member like us. Barney Fife, as we nicknamed him, came over and apologized after this.
The rest of the weekend you would see Barney Fife head to toe in camo with 4 pairs of handcuffs on this belt, a bulletproof vest, and a firearm strapped to his leg. We also found out he is a Game and Fish cop for Idaho. This will be a fun memory we will have for a long time.

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Angie Di said...

That is great!! Poor Barney will be your running joke for years to come.